Installation Instructions

How to install

Hole Preparation

Use the right drill

Check that the drill bit diameter is correct for the Screwbolt size and substrate.

Screwbolt is designed to funtion correctly within DIN standards. Drill bits must not be below normal tolerance levels.

It is essential to drill deep

The hole depth must be at least the embedment depth of the Screwbolt plus twice the diameter of the Screwbolt (see diagram). Clean out excess dust.

Screwbolt Installation

Apply pressure to startUse a good socket

For HSB, HSA and DSA heads we recommend the use of a quality full hexagon socket or hexagon male drive with a ratchet spanner. Alternatively, where the substrate allows, a torque controlled impact wrench can be used.

Apply pressure to start

Ensure that continual pressure is applied (see diagram), particularly when engaging the first thread.

ScrewBoltBack off if tight

During installation, debris or dust created by the thread cutting action may cause some resistance to be experienced. This is easily overcome by unscrewing the Screwbolt for one turn or more, and then continuing to fix to full embedment.